Driving taxi on Dubai roads, man fulfils dreams in Sudan

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 Driving taxi on Dubai roads, man fulfils dreams in Sudan

Dubai - Adil is excited to go back to join his family in Sudan in March

By Sana Altaf

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Published: Thu 30 Nov 2017, 12:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 1 Dec 2017, 1:14 PM

Sixteen years back, when Adil - aged 42 then - left Sudan and landed in Dubai, he nursed just one dream: to educate his children back in his country.
Today, the cabbie is happy that with his earnings, he has been able to not only provide good education to his kids but also secure their lives. His son is studying in college and one of his daughters plans to pursue higher studies. He got two of his daughters married, who are now settled.    
And while the 58-year-old plans to bid adieu to Dubai, he is overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for the city. He says words are inadequate to express how much he owes to Dubai.   
"Without Dubai, it would never have been possible to give a quality life to my family," says Adil. He used to teach Geography, Arabic and Mathematics at a high school in Sudan. His income was just enough to sustain his family, which includes his wife, three daughters and a son. 
"I was not satisfied with my job. I wanted to educate my children and needed money for it. So, I decided to move to Dubai," he tells Khaleej Times.
But it was not a cakewalk for Adil. Initially, he had to do some job in an office in Dubai and later, started working as a taxi driver. Today, Adil is a picture of content, as he can see his dreams materialized.
"Dubai made it possible for my children to go to college and work. My children respect this country for it," he points out.
Adil is excited to go back to join his family in Sudan in March. Sixteen years is a long time to stay apart, indeed!
 "I wish I would sleep tonight and wake up to find its March. I can't wait to go back to Sudan," says Adil.
He plans to give a special gift to his wife he married in 1988. "I have promised to take her for a trip to Bor, Sudan.  She always wanted to go there. So, we will stay there for few months," says Adil.
He is leaving Dubai with million memories that he says he would like to share with his family. Adil also wants to bring them here once to show them the place that made their lives better.
The Sudanese feels proud that life gave him an opportunity to work in Dubai and taught him precious lessons.
"Dubai has taught me to love and respect everyone in the world," he says, and adds, "the city's multi-culturalism makes you realize the importance of equality and that humanity is above everything".
"I eat with an Indian and work with Egyptian and Pakistani. I ferry people from across the globe on Dubai roads. Where else will you get such an experience!" he says. "This country gave me respect. No one has ever shouted at me or spoken rudely," he adds, with a tinge of emotion.
Adil may be bidding farewell to Dubai, but he yearns to come back again to fulfill a very personal wish: Skydiving. "I did skydiving in Dubai at the age of 57. I wish to do it again."
Dubai wishes him the best and would welcome him again!

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