Drive to keep kids safe from firecrackers

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Drive to keep kids safe from firecrackers

The Ministry of Interior launches awareness drive under the slogan 'Ensuring Child Safety during Eid'.

By Staff Reporter

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Published: Mon 13 Jul 2015, 6:09 PM

Abu Dhabi - Fireworks are dangerous and can cause environmental and property damage, an official from the Ministry of Interior (MoI), said.
Colonel Issa Saeed Al Shamesi, head of the weapons and explosives at the Director-General of the Federal Criminal Police, said that fireworks are highly dangerous with hazardous properties.
"Fireworks pose a significant risk to users and others. They can cause deaths, burns and disfigurement, as well as, permanent disabilities. They also cause environmental pollution and fires, thus, threatening the safety of community members and their property. Moreover, the loud noise of firecrackers may cause fear and have dangerous psychological effect on people," he said.
Ahead of Eid Al Fitr celebrations, MoI has launched an awareness drive under the slogan 'Ensuring Child Safety during Eid'.
The campaign aims to promote awareness among community members, and acquaint them with the dangers associated with fireworks, especially among children and teenagers, as well as, the damages they can cause to property.
He said the ongoing coordination and cooperation with police general headquarters across the country to prevent the illegal sale and import of consumer fireworks seeks to protect community members against the risks associated with these dangerous items.
He added that the firearms and explosives sections at the different police general headquarters are conducting regular crackdown campaigns and awareness drives throughout the year, especially during national holidays and times of celebration.
The sale of fireworks without a license is punishable by law, Colonel Al Shamesi said, stating: "Article 65 of the Law of Firearms, Ammunition, and Explosives stipulates that, 'Anyone who sells, imports, exports, manufactures, brings or attempts to bring fireworks into the country without a licence shall be punished with imprisonment for up to six months, and/or a fine of Dh10,000."
Colonel Al Shamesi called upon families to educate their children about the dangers of fireworks. Parents should monitor how their children spend their allowances and if they find any shops selling firecrackers illegally then they should report the matter through the Aman service on 8002626."

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