Dragging kids into terrorism

Dragging kids into terrorism

Sharjah - Top police official asks parents not to leave chances for children to join terror organisations


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Mon 13 Jul 2015, 7:07 AM

Last updated: Tue 14 Jul 2015, 11:56 AM

Never throw your child out of home in a fit of anger. A top official at the Sharjah Community Police has made this unusual appeal to parents to avoid children getting attracted to terror outfits.
Colonel Mohammed Al Othmani, director of Sharjah Community Police said that some reckless parents send their 'disobedient' children out of the houses, which would encourage them to involve in terrorism and other unethical activities.
Al Othmani reminded that "the terrorist groups attract children rejected by their parents and brainwash them. Parents must avoid sending the children out of the house, and instead show more love and affection for their stubborn children, who will soften up then."
The community police chief was speaking at the Ramadan Majlis organised by Student Parents Council of Sharjah.
The terrorist would use dubious methods to reach out to the youngsters, and brainwash them to get engaged with destructive activities, through their websites and social media.
Al Othmani urged parents to run softwares that block websites promoting terrorism and pornography. He added in order to protect the children, parents must watch the activities of children, make them aware of dangers about indulging in terrorism.
Parents must engage their children with positive thoughts and sport activities that lead them to safe and secured life. Al Osmani said this did not mean that parents must pressurise the children and follow them closely, as this would back fire on them, but must watch what they read and watch on TV channels; and which websites they follow.
According to him, collaborative efforts from society, organisations and government entities are required to fight terrorist and radicalism; spread family values and prepare a generation that is capable of confronting destructive thoughts intruded into the Islamic culture.
The efforts also must be made by schools to instill in them the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the nation. He pointed out that Sharjah Police are planning to expand its security and cultural programmes for the academic year 2015/ 2016 across all private and government schools in Sharjah.
Dr Khalid Al Merri, chairman of the council said: "We must work together in one hand to protect our youth and instill in them good values that would enable them to face difficulties and obstacles that motivate them to involve in moral deviation and keep them away from the social tradition."
The participants in the Majlis recommended that all concerned authorities and society must stand together to prevent the youth and new generation from falling victim of terrorism.

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