Don't buy Eid sacrificial animal from unknown online vendors

Ras Al Khaimah - Images and videos of sacrificial meat may not always tell the truth, warned a top RAK Municipality official.

The Ras Al Khaimah Municipality has warned against buying adahi (sacrificial animals) online.
"It is risky to buy adahi via social media without the dealer and customer meeting face to face," said Muther bin Shekar Al Zaabi, director-general of the RAK Municipality.
"Images and videos of sacrificial meat may not always tell the truth. Customers must check the livestock in person to be sure it is safe and sound. Some fake dealers may seal a deal, collect the money, and escape without delivering the adahi agreed upon," he added.
Al Zaabi also warned against slaughtering livestock outside the official abattoirs. "This is one of the main reasons behind the spread of infectious diseases."
Some of the animals slaughtered outside the abattoir are sick or not fit for human consumption, he underlined. "Such malpractices, mostly done by unlicensed street butchers, pose a grave risk to the standards of public health and environment. That's why it is extremely important to have all livestock examined in any licensed abattoir by the veterinarians before, during and after slaughtering them."
"Should any contamination be detected, the animal is immediately disqualified, and killed or sent out of the abattoir for posing a risk to human beings," he explained.
Al Zaabi said all the emirate's abattoirs are ready to cater to the large number of sacrificial animals to be slaughtered during the forthcoming Eid Al Adha.
"Veterinarians will be present in the slaughterhouses round-the-clock to monitor the sacrifices before and after the slaughter. The RAK Municipality provides well qualified and trained vets who thoroughly and accurately examined the carcass before and after slaughtering process to make sure it is disease and infection-free."
"Stringent penalties on both the illegal butchers and owners of the animals enacted have led to a significant drop in the carcass being butchered outside slaughterhouses," added Al Zaabi.

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