Distracted by devices?

Filed on November 18, 2019 | Last updated on November 18, 2019 at 04.43 pm

Are you a busy parent who has little time for their family? Do you feel that you spend less and less time with your children as they are achieving many milestones in schools? Chances are you may not be the only one.

Time is a precious commodity. And families don't seem to have much of it these days. In some families, both parents may be busy due to various commitments, which leads them to not spending enough time with their kids.

According to global studies, parents today are spending more time on their mobile devices distracted rather than spending time with their children, thus compromising on the kids' playtime to spend time with both their devices and them. However, this together time with their kids is not spending 'time together'.

Research shows that parents are spending just 50 minutes with their children on a normal week day, and even that time is spent on screens, which is ideally not a quality parent-child times. Another study recently found that family members tend to spend more time "alone-together", thanks to the use of mobile devices.

This can hamper their kids' overall mental and physical development who need to spend more time outdoors. Today, many parents are of the opinion that 'sitting together' is enough as long as they are together. But what they are unaware is that this limits theirs and their children's social skills because of spending too much time on mobile phones.

Remember when you were growing up, outdoor activities and games helped shape your personality to being what you are today. Don't you want the same outcome for your children? Or do you want them to be developed with lesser social skills because that's what they are coming home to?  

While we all need to reduce screen time, kids must also be encouraged to do the same by telling them about how it could impact their health. Parents too need to take steps to engage with their children more.

Keep your phones aside for a while and participate in activities with your kids or plan a family trip from time to time, among other ways to ensure the child does not feel lonely. Be active, play sports, take that walk!

Inspire your kids to be active and help them with the right start in their life.  

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