Dh1,000 fine in UAE: Residents warned against crowding near fire, accident sites

Police stressed the need to clear paths for ambulance and civil defence vehicles during emergencies, allowing them to reach site on time and rescue the injured swiftly


Ruqayya Al Qaydi

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Published: Mon 5 Jun 2023, 2:13 PM

Last updated: Wed 5 Jul 2023, 9:03 PM

UAE authorities have cracked down on rubbernecking at accident scenes and warned residents of fines imposed to ensure smooth passage for emergency vehicles.

The Abu Dhabi Police warned against ‘rubbernecking’, which is a punishable traffic offence in the UAE. Taking to social media on Monday, the Abu Dhabi Police said those who gather around accident sites obstruct traffic flow. They also impede the arrival of emergency vehicles, which is crucial to saving lives.

Dubai-based RoadSafetyUAE defines rubbernecking as drivers “slowing down to take a good long look at an accident (often a minor fender-bender)”, which the group calls “very annoying since it produces traffic jams ‘for nothing’.

Abu Dhabi Police stressed the need to clear the path for ambulance and civil defence vehicles during such situations, allowing them to reach accident sites and rescue the injured swiftly. Rubbernecking often leads to further accidents as some drivers stop at accident scenes, causing disruptions in traffic flow.

Furthermore, the presence of curious pedestrians crossing various roads to get closer to the accident scenes, oblivious to the movement of vehicles, puts them at high risk of being involved in accidents.

The police also warned residents against taking photos and videos of accident sites and sharing them on social media. Such actions by curious individuals seeking to exploit these unfortunate incidents for personal gain are considered highly inappropriate and can lead to legal consequences for those involved.

Abu Dhabi authorities are urging the public to demonstrate positive participation by adhering to traffic guidelines at accident sites, respecting the privacy and dignity of those affected, and refraining from sharing unauthorised content on social media platforms.

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