Designer's short film garners 200k views

Designers short film garners 200k views
A screengrab from the short film "Spymates."

Dubai - The film is receiving good reviews on social media and mainstream media.

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By V.M. Sathish

Published: Sat 14 Jan 2017, 10:26 PM

A budding movie maker from Abu Dhabi has been trying to make serious crime thriller short movies as a prelude to his joining the league of big Indian film makers. Jimmy Joseph's latest short movie, Spymates, has received nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. While his maiden venture Valet Parking was somewhat a sensational short movie due to its thrilling twists and suspense factor and appeal to Indian expats, Spymates is also making waves on social media. "It took me almost eight months to complete the short film. We also shot in Abu Dhabi for five days," said Jimmy Joseph, who is a senior graphic designer at the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi Mens college.

His first movie was well received by the community too. It revolved around valet parking staff robbing customers' homes by misusing their keys and locks, which they secured from their vehicles.

Spymates - a suspense thriller - is based on four Indian friends who together try to steal corporate data from an organisation to get some easy money. Twenty-two minutes into the movie, and the director brings in a host of evils that drive the youngsters - easy money making operation, corporate espionage, accidents, fights, deceit and life after death.

Jimmy has been trying his luck with writing, directing crime fiction themes. He made Spymates with the support of his Indian, Emirati and Serbian friends, and although the movie is yet to prove a strong point, it has got reasonable attention in a short duration. The film is receiving good reviews on social media and mainstream media.

Ahmed Al Ruthaibi and Hamdan bin Mana Al Uthaiba - Jimmy's two Emirati friends - have produced the movie. Despite the background music and graphics, the ultimate message the movie gives out is vague. "Everything happens in life for a reason" are the concluding remarks of the movie.

John Paul, Praveen Indukumar, Kabeer Arwan, Subi Naas, RR Rahul, Anne Mathew, Biyan, Miles and Tiya Pius play different characters in Spymates. Have a look at this short adventure trip of four ambitious spies from Kerala, and experience the high dosage of English and Malayalam dialogues.

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