UAE: Motorist buys car for Dh7,000 racks up Dh80,000 in fines while registered with seller

The buyer had asked the seller if he could use the car while it was still registered in his name


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sun 15 Jan 2023, 7:28 AM

Last updated: Sun 15 Jan 2023, 5:06 PM

A motorist bought a car at Dh7,000 from an Abu Dhabi resident and racked up Dh80,000 in traffic fines for while it was still registered in the seller’s name.

Official court documents stated the seller filed a lawsuit against the defendant at the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Cases Court demanding that he pays the traffic fines he committed using the car he sold to him.

The complainant said that he sold the car to the defendant for Dh7,000. However, the defendant then asked if he could use the casr while it was still registered under the complainant's name. This was so he could gather funds to be able to transfer ownership of the car.

The man said that when the defendant was using the car, he racked up Dh80,000 in traffic fines and then refused to pay the amount.

This prompted him to drag the defendant to court so he could be compelled to pay the fines committed and transfer the car to his names.

Article 32 of the UAE Traffic Law stipulates that the Licensing Authority shall be notified of any act of disposition transferring ownership of the motor vehicle within fourteen days and on the part of both parties to the disposition act. The holder of the original license shall be liable for the obligations resulting from the utilization of the vehicle until the transfer of the license to the other party is completed.

The court ordered a team to investigate the matter. Investigations later showed that the defendant had cleared the traffic fines.

The judge then dismissed the case. The plaintiff was told to pay for his own legal expenses.


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