UAE: Man sues ex-wife for refusing to return car bought to take children to school

He claimed in his lawsuit that he bought the car while the couple were still married, and registered it in his wife’s name


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Wed 1 Mar 2023, 8:35 AM

Last updated: Wed 1 Mar 2023, 6:33 PM

An Al Ain man has sued his ex-wife demanding that she returns the car he bought to transport their children to school, or pays him Dh80,000 – the value of the car.

The Arab man said in his lawsuit that he bought the car while the couple were still married and registered it in his wife’s name. The car was intended to transport his children to school.

When the couple separated due to irreconcilable family disputes, however, the woman kept the car, and refused to hand it over to the man.

The man said he asked the woman to return the vehicle and transfer it to his name, but she refused to return it without any legal justification.

She claimed she was going to continue using the car to transport the children to school, as court had granted her custody of the children. The man then decided to take her to court and sue her.

After hearing from all parties, the Al Ain Civil Court of First Instance dismissed the case.

The court indicated that the complainant had previously filed for a divorce from his wife and that she had the right to retain the car which was in her name.

The man was also told to pay for his ex-wife’s legal expenses.


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