UAE: Legal action against woman who insulted book fair participant in live broadcast

Authorities have said that the UAE guarantees the rights of all individuals, and does not accept prejudice or infringement in any way on others' rights

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By Web Desk

Published: Mon 5 Jun 2023, 10:17 PM

Last updated: Tue 6 Jun 2023, 12:04 PM

The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has launched a legal investigation against an Arab woman accused of provoking public opinion and assaulting a person's privacy at a book fair in Abu Dhabi.

The Prosecutor General's Office said that the woman used a social media network to verbally abuse the person participating in the event while live broadcasting the video. Authorities have taken the necessary actions in the incident circulating via social media, which showed verbal assault by the accused, blaming the victim and questioning his presence in public events due to his previous conviction in a case outside the UAE.

Authorities have said that the UAE guarantees the rights of all individuals and does not accept prejudice or infringement on others' rights or any attempt to breach the general order while adhering to the rule of law and achieving justice.

The offence is punishable by at least six months in prison and a fine of at least Dh150,000, to a maximum of Dh500,000, or one of these Two penalties, according to Article 44 of the Federal Decree 34 of 2021.

According to the country's Cybercrime Law, people should refrain from posting photograph, videos or comments on the social media platforms which invade someone's privacy and personal life.

Residents should avoid posting against culture and heritage of the UAE, rumours and false news. And also advised not to disclose confidential matters related to government or criminal investigations, or advertisements which violate prevailing laws and public morals.


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