Dubai: Woman fined Dh62,000 for taking luxury motorbike by claiming she was mute

She issued a dud cheque and transferred the motorcycle's ownership to her name, court records show

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Reuters file photo used for illustrative purposes
Reuters file photo used for illustrative purposes

Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 15 Feb 2023, 12:15 PM

Last updated: Wed 15 Feb 2023, 1:59 PM

A 37-year-old Arab women was sentenced to three months in jail and fined Dh62,000 for duping an Asian man into selling her a luxury motorbike — by claiming she was mute.

Records from the Dubau Misdemeanour court show that the woman contacted the victim via WhatsApp, telling him that she wanted to buy the bike as a gift for her son. She sent him a photo of her identity and noted that all their correspondence would have to be through text and messages — not via phone calls — because she said she was mute.

Soon after, she deposited a cheque worth Dh62,000 into the complainant's bank account, assuring him that the purchase was legit. He was informed by the bank, however, that he would have to wait two days to encash the cheque.

The victim said the woman then asked him to deliver the bike to a flower shop for decorations, and demanded the customs papers. She then sent someone to arrange the documents at the showroom where the bike was bought and completed the transfer of ownership.

Two days later, however, the victim got a call from the bank, saying the cheque that the defendant issued had bounced, according to court records.


When he contacted her, she sent him all sorts of excuses and false assurances. She forwarded what she claimed to be the commercial licence of a company registered in her name.

She asked him to trust her and assured him that she would transfer the full amount through an exchange company — if he pays Dh15,000. She kept bargaining until the amount reached Dh3,000, which he agreed to pay so she could at least give him his motorbike back.

He told the court that she then sent him the number of the person who was supposed to bring him the bike. That person, however, didn't arrive at their meeting place.

The victim said he eventually realised that the woman and her accomplices were manipulating him — so he filed a report at the police station.

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