Dubai: Two set ex-employer's car on fire in revenge; jailed, fined Dh66,000

The owner of the vehicle, who is involved in selling and distributing alcohol, had earlier assaulted and fired one of the convicts following an argument


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Sun 16 Apr 2023, 8:34 AM

Two men have been jailed for setting a car ablaze, causing several vehicles in a parking lot to catch on fire as well.

According to the case file, the Dubai Civil Defence Operations Room received a call stating that multiple vehicles were on fire in a sandy yard in the Dubai Investments Park area. Firefighting teams arrived at the scene immediately, doused the flames, cooled the site, and handed it over to the police for investigation.

The police found evidence of one of the vehicles being set on fire on purpose. They identified two suspects.

Upon interrogation, one of the suspects admitted to setting a car on fire. He said that the car belonged to his previous employer, who was involved in selling and distributing alcohol. Following a disagreement between the two, the employer assaulted and fired the suspect, who decided to set the former's car on fire in revenge.

The two suspects were in the area when they saw the victim park his car in the sandy yard. After he moved away from his car, the second suspect, the disgruntled ex-employee's friend, broke the windshield and threw a lit cigarette into the vehicle. They both fled the scene after committing the crime.

The first suspect referred the police to his friend, who admitted to helping his friend set the car on fire. Both the men have been convicted by the Dubai Criminal Court and sentenced to one year in jail. They have also been fined Dh66,000 and will be deported after serving their sentence.

Two Asians set fire in a parked vehicle in a sandy yard located in Dubai Investments Park, in retaliation against its owner, so the fire spread to two nearby vehicles. The Dubai Criminal Court convicted them and sentenced them to one year imprisonment and fined them Dh 66000 and deported them from the state after serving their sentences.

According to the case file a call was received by the Dubai Civil Defense Operations Room, stating that a fire broke out in several vehicles in a sandy yard in the Dubai Investments Park. Immediately, the firefighting teams arrived and were able to put out the fire, cool the place, and hand it over to the police to identify the cause of the fire.

A policeman stated in the investigations that an investigation team collected inferences from the crime scene and found evidence of a criminal suspicion and intentional setting on fire in one of the vehicles, so the two suspects were identified and one of them was arrested.

The first defendant admitted in the investigations that he set fire to one of the vehicles, to take revenge on its owner, who was working for him in the field of selling and distributing alcoholic beverages several months before the incident, as the owner of the vehicle disagreed with the accused, who assaulted him and fired him from work.

He continued, that he decided to take revenge on his employer. On the day of the incident, while he was drinking alcoholic beverages with his friend, he saw the victim parking his vehicle in a sandy yard in the Dubai Investments Park area. They waited for him to move away from the place, and the second accused broke the windshield of the vehicle, the first threw a lit cigarette into the vehicle and fled the scene. The first accused of was arrested, confessed to his crime, and directed the police to the second accused.

The second defendant admitted to helping his friend to set fire to a vehicle, so the court convicted them and passed its verdict.


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