Dubai: Two jailed, fined Dh70,000 for stealing, attempting to sell refrigerated truck trailer

They will be deported after they serve their sentence


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 29 Jan 2023, 8:45 AM

Last updated: Sun 29 Jan 2023, 4:34 PM

Two Arabs have been sentenced to three months in prison and have been jointly fined Dh70,000 by the Dubai Criminal Court. They will be deported after they serve their sentence.

They have been convicted for stealing a refrigerated truck trailer which was parked in a sandy yard in Al Khawaneej, Dubai.

Last July, an Arab investor filed a report that the truck trailer had been stolen. He said that a driver working for his company called to inform him that the vehicle was missing from the sandy yard he had parked it in, the night before.

According to the case file, a team of investigators was able to collect inferences and identify the accused. One of the two was found in another emirate, where he was ambushed by the force, and subsequently arrested.

During interrogations, the first convict admitted to committing the crime and said that he planned the theft with the help of the other convict. He then directed the police to the second convict's house, who was then arrested. The second convict admitted that he tried to sell the truck trailer after they stole it.


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