Dubai: Man flirts with woman, assaults her, caught with drugs

He was fined Dh100,000, sentenced to ten years in prison and will be deported after he serves his sentence


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 15 Jan 2023, 8:45 AM

A 28-year-old Asian man assaulted a woman after she refused to sit in a vehicle with him, the victim then filed a complaint with the police.

The police, on arrival, found that the accused was under the influence of substances, possessed alcohol and several types of drugs.

The man was convicted by the Dubai Criminal Court and sentenced to ten years in prison. He was also fined Dh100,000 and will be deported after he serves his sentence.

Last September, a woman filed a report stating that a man had assaulted her while she was walking on a street in Al Qusais.

She added that she sought her husband's help after the convict tried to force her to board his vehicle. Her husband showed up with his friends and a verbal altercation ensued. The woman's husband then informed the police, who arrived at the scene and arrested the convict.

According to a policeman's statement from investigations, the convict appeared to be under the influence, so his vehicle was searched. Narcotics were found, he was then transferred to the General Administration of Narcotics.

The forensic report showed that he had consumed narcotics and possessed an amount of them in his vehicle. During the interrogation, he confessed to using marijuana and methamphetamine and possessing a quantity of them.


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