Dubai: Gang of three jailed for assaulting, kidnapping, threatening to kill man after financial dispute

The incident occurred after the victim was unable to return Dh10,000 to one of the assailants


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 1 Mar 2023, 10:18 AM

The Dubai Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling by the Court of First Instance sentencing a gang of three Asian men to six months in prison, followed by deportation from the country once they serve their sentences.

The men were convicted of kidnapping a man, also of Asian descent, assaulting him, threatening to kill him, and then confining him inside an apartment in Dubai.

The victim managed to send his location to a friend and ask for help. The police were then informed, and the accused were caught red-handed and arrested.

According to police reports, the friend that had been contacted filed a report stating that his friend, the victim, had been kidnapped and threatened by a person of the same nationality.

He also added that he had received a text message from the victim asking him to help him as the assailants were detaining him and threatening to kill him.

The victim stated that he had a friendship with the first convict, and invited him to dinner at a restaurant, where the convict was accompanied by others. During the dinner, the convict asked the victim to return Dh10,000, and asked him to talk to his family in his home country to send the amount – but the victim's father refused to transfer the money.

The first convict then, using the help of the others, forced him inside a vehicle, kidnapped him, detained him inside the convict's apartment, and then assaulted him. They asked him to contact his friend to ask for money, but the victim ignored them, instead sending a message to his friend with his location attached.

The first convict confessed to kidnapping the victim with the help of others, following a financial dispute between them, so the court condemned them and passed its ruling.


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