Dubai: Gang of five jailed for kidnapping, assaulting man, stealing Dh28,000 he withdrew from ATM

The victim added that after withdrawing the money, one of the men blocked his way out and prevented him from entering his vehicle

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Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 8 Mar 2023, 8:47 AM

A gang of five men, all of Asian descent, has been convicted for kidnapping a man and forcing him into a vehicle, taking him from the Muhaisnah area in Dubai to Al Ain Street, assaulting him, seizing Dh28,000, and then leaving him.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted the men and sentenced them all to three years in prison, a fine worth the value of the stolen money, and deportation from the state once they have served their sentences.

According to police records, details of the case date back to last June, when the victim filed a report stating that he had been assaulted and robbed by a gang of five people after withdrawing Dh28,000 from an ATM in the same area.

The victim added that after withdrawing the money, one of the men blocked his way and prevented him from entering his vehicle. Another man arrived at the scene with a cleaver to threaten him, and the rest of the gang kicked and assaulted the man all over his body.

The men then forced him to get in a four-wheel vehicle, drove towards Dubai-Al-Ain Road, finally stopping on the side of the road and asking him to get out of the vehicle.

The victim added that one of the men asked him to run onto the road away from their vehicle, and another followed him and stabbed him several times in the hands and feet and fled from the place. He sought the help of a passer-by, asking them to inform the police and call an ambulance. He was then was taken to a hospital for treatment.

A witness in the case stated that he saw the gang members in the Muhaisnah area assaulting a person and forcing him to get in their vehicle, them fleeing from the place. He informed the police of the vehicle plate numbers used in the crime, and the CID team was able to identify and arrest the gang members.

Upon being investigated, the members admitted they conspired to monitor ATM users in the Muhaisnah area and then rob them, so the court convicted them and passed its sentence.


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