Dubai: Gang of 5 jailed for kidnapping, assaulting, and robbing man of Dh28,000

The convicts monitored residents using ATMs of banks and targeted them


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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FILE. Image used for illustrative purpose.
FILE. Image used for illustrative purpose.

Published: Tue 11 Apr 2023, 8:54 AM

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the Court of First Instance ruling to sentence a gang of five individuals of Asian descent to prison. The defendants were found guilty of kidnapping, assaulting, and robbing a compatriot. The convicts will serve their respective prison terms and pay a fine of Dh28,000.

The gang members abducted the victim from the Al-Muhisnah area in Dubai and transported him in their vehicle to Dubai-Al-Ain Street. They assaulted him and seized the amount of the fine before abandoning him.

According to police records, the victim reported that the five individuals attacked him as he was about to board his vehicle after withdrawing Dh28,000 from an ATM.

During the investigation, the victim said that one obstructed him from opening the vehicle while another threatened him with a cleaver. The rest of the gang members physically assaulted him and then forced him into a four-wheel drive vehicle. One of them drove the car towards Dubai-Al-Ain Road, and they stopped on the side of the road and stole the money and his mobile phone. They then asked him to get out of the vehicle.

In his testimony, the victim added that one of them asked him to run on the road and move away from their vehicle, and another followed him, stabbed him several times in the hands and feet, and all fled away. He sought the help of a passer-by to inform the police, and an ambulance rushed him to the hospital for treatment.

A witness in the case stated that he saw the gang members in the Muhaisnah area assaulting a person and forcing him to board their vehicle and flee from the place, so he informed the police of the license plate numbers used in the crime.

According to the case file, an investigation team identified and arrested the gang members. The gang admitted that they had agreed to monitor people using ATMs of banks in the Muhaisnah area and then rob them. The court convicted them and passed its verdict.


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