Dubai: Gang of 4 jailed for stealing bitcoin worth Dh30,000

They took a photo of the trader and threatened to harm her if she files a police report


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Thu 19 Jan 2023, 1:49 PM

Last updated: Thu 19 Jan 2023, 2:23 PM

A gang of four people was sentenced to three years in jail for robbing a bitcoin trader of over Dh45,000 worth of valuables, including cryptocurrency.

The Dubai Criminal Court found the group guilty and ordered their deportation after serving their time in prison.

One of the defendants used to work as a private driver of the victim. Court records show that he first told her that he wanted to buy bitcoin from her and asked that she meet him.

When the woman arrived, however, she was shocked when the man suddenly got into the car and sat next to her, showing a "badge" from his country's police force. He told her that she was accused of corruption. When she tried to run away, the rest of the gang stormed in, forced her to sit at the back, and drove for two hours until they reached an area she didn't know, court records show.

The men surrounded her and forced her to give them her phone's password. The gang then took 8,000 bitcoins worth Dh30,000 from her account, and stole Dh8,000 in cash, including her handbag worth Dh7,200. They took a photo of her and threatened to harm her if she files a police report.


When they left the vehicle, however, she was able to see the number plate of the car they travelled in. This information allowed the police to track them and take them into custody.

The Dubai Police arrested the accused within a short period of time, and referred them to the Public Prosecution. The Criminal Court sentenced them to three years in prison and fined them Dh45,200, in addition to deportation.


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