Dubai: 4 arrested for trying to steal 100 phones worth Dh100,000 at knifepoint

The staff at the company headquarters where they went to commit the crime managed to hold them off

File photo
File photo

Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 2 Apr 2023, 7:44 AM

Last updated: Sun 2 Apr 2023, 5:26 PM

A gang of four were arrested for assaulting the manager and employees of a mobile phone trading company in Deira, Dubai, and trying to trade 100 phones.

According to police records, the manager reported the incident. He said that one of the accused had called him earlier, asking to buy 50 used phones. The manager agreed and agreed upon a time to complete the transaction. The accused, along with three others, came to the company headquarters on the specified day. He asked the manager to increase the number of phones in the sale to 100. The manager agreed and asked his staff to prepare the phones, which were worth Dh100,000, and put them in a box.

However, to his surprise, instead of paying for the phones, the accused and the others with him tried to take the box without paying. When the staff tried to stop them, the gang threatened them with knives.

The employees of the company managed to hold off the robbers and save the phones. In retaliation, the gang destroyed items in the headquarters, and stole a small bag belonging to the company's manager, which contained a bank card and documents.

The Dubai Police Investigation Team was able to collect evidence, and identify the accused people and locate them after monitoring purchases made with the victim’s card from a store. They were arrested in the same place.


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