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Covid-19 survey: UAE residents feel safe after taking the jab

Dubai - A whopping 90 per cent believe getting the shot is most important for those who work in the service industry.


A Staff Reporter

Published: Thu 25 Mar 2021, 10:08 AM

Nearly half — 47 per cent — feel safe against contracting Covid-19 virus and are not worried about the long-term effects of the vaccination, according to YouGov’s latest survey conducted among people who have received the jab.


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Very few, 14 per cent, feel unsure about contracting the virus. Women are much more likely to be unsure about the long term effects as compared to men — 24 per cent versus 10 per cent — according to the study.

Across the UAE, the importance of providing the Covid 19 jab to different groups of people is universal. However, a whopping majority — 90 per cent — believe that getting the shot is most important for those who work in the service industry, followed by household staffs, senior citizens and immediate family (87 per cent each).

When it comes to information about the coronavirus vaccines, seven in ten residents (71 per cent) agree with the statement, “I am well informed about the various Covid-19 vaccines and their efficiency”. Asian expats were most likely to agree with the statement at 80 per cent.

When asked about their source of information, a vast majority of UAE residents (73 per cent) said they turn to government health sites and reports to get the most accurate and reliable data about Covid-19 vaccines.

One-third (33 per cent) rely on information shared by individuals who have already taken the vaccine and almost as many (29 per cent) depend on the news media.

A fourth (26 per cent) turn to their immediate family members or friends for information and very few (14 per cent) trust the material circulated on social media.

At present, the UAE is offering a choice of four vaccines for eligible individuals against the Covid-19 infection.

When questioned about the vaccine people trust the most, half of the residents surveyed claimed they trust the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm. Roughly half of this (27 per cent) have faith in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.


Photo: Wam
Photo: Wam

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