Cleaner molests 8-year-old girl in toilet at Dubai airport

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Dubai - The worker lured the girl inside the toilet on the pretext that she did not flush.


Marie Nammour

Published: Thu 23 Jul 2020, 3:55 PM

Last updated: Fri 24 Jul 2020, 8:57 AM

A cleaner molested an eight-year-old girl inside the washroom of women of determination after luring her into it, the Court of First Instance has heard.
The incident happened on November 24 last year at Terminal 2 of the Dubai International Airport.
The 23-year-old Asian worker is accused of kidnap, molestation and entering women of determination-only washroom. He is detained.
The interrogators learned that the worker lured the girl inside the toilet on the pretext she did not flush.
"We received a report that a child was molested at Terminal 2. It was at 10pm on November 24, 2019," a policeman told the prosecutor.
"We were told by the girl and her mother that a cleaner called on the girl to go with him to the women of determination's washroom after spotting her walking out of the toilet. He claimed to her that she did not flush."
Through the CCTV footage, the police narrowed down the investigation to four suspects who were in the same area at that time. When interrogated, the defendant admitted that he molested the girl. Another cleaner confessed he learned about what the defendant did after seeing the victim crying. He said he did not report him to the police because he felt scared. Another cleaner admitted he learned about the incident after the accused told him what he had done.
A fourth worker was interrogated because he called after all the workers except the defendant for interrogation by the police. The police suspected he wanted to cover up what the accused did.   
The girl's mother said she did not go with her daughter to the washroom because she had luggage. "She went alone and came back about five minutes later. She looked scared and her clothes were untidy. She wanted to tell me that somebody inspected her body but could not speak up."
The trial has been postponed to August 27.

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