‘Chinese modernisation’ set to provide newer opportunities for the UAE

Chinese consul-general in Dubai Li Xuhang summarises report of 20th CPC National Congress


Nandini Sircar

Published: Fri 4 Nov 2022, 3:33 PM

Last updated: Fri 4 Nov 2022, 7:12 PM

The ‘Chinese modernisation’ is set to provide newer opportunities for the UAE especially in the fields of technological innovation and pragmatic global energy transition.

This was reiterated by the Chinese consul-general Li Xuhang during a press briefing in Dubai on Thursday, following the conclusion of the 20th CPC National Congress on October 23.

Highlighting parts of The Communist Party of China’s (CPC) blueprint for building a modern socialist China in all respects for the next five years and beyond, Li Xuhang underlined, ‘People-centred’ is at the core of this ideology and epitomizes the fundamental political stance of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Innovation driven development is key

“The Chinese want high quality and innovation driven development. In this field, the UAE is a pioneer. The UAE is a pioneer in applying modern advanced concepts, cutting edge technology, and innovation as well as has achieved excellence in its own paths toward modernization. So, we're sure that Chinese modernisation will also have space for high impact developments in humanity.

“I would like to give a thumbs-up (especially) to Dubai for its modernisation achievements. Dubai has also made widely recognized achievements in its modernization with its distinctive features, providing a new way for other countries to realize modernization. Dubai advocates inclusive, open, and green development, which has a lot in common with Chinese modernisation. Our two countries can strengthen exchanges and mutual learning in this regard in the future,” adds Li Xuhang.

New areas of cooperation between the UAE and China

Meanwhile, with the UAE’s energy transition gathering pace, China seeks closer partnership with the country.

He adds, “As far as I know they (UAE) already have tangible new energy cooperation with Chinese companies in areas related to low carbon economy, digital economy and also eco industry (eco-industrial development) in the future. So, these fields can become the new areas of cooperation between our two countries. China and the UAE will support each other and sound the trumpet of success in their respective paths.”

Referring to the world as a “Global Village” Xuhang also emphasizes on “innovation economy” and mutually beneficial cooperations that could further bolster the strong bilateral trade relations between the two nations.

Drawing similarities, in the growth trajectories of the UAE and China, and how this close partnership could augment success future stories on both fronts, he avers,

“China has achieved two miracles…especially with regards to reform and opening up our policies that has led to better economic development and also long-term social stability. In fact, the UAE achieved the same in the past 50 years. Compared to China, the UAE is a much younger country. But it has also accomplished the same. China is open to sharing its successful experiences and through you (media) we would wish to spread the word of China’s development and its achievement. We would also like to learn from others, like the UAE and Dubai.”

Foreign policy of peace

Underscoring one of the major approvals of the five-yearly meeting, Xuhang noted that the ruling party’s central task is to realize the Second Centenary Goal of building China into a great modern socialist country that believes in ‘self-reform’ in steering social transformation.

“The report reaffirms that China is dedicated to promoting a human community with a shared future. China remains firm in pursuing an independent foreign policy of peace. It has always decided its position and policy on issues based on their own merits. China pursues a mutually beneficial strategy of opening up, plays an active part in the reform and development of the global governance system, and works to make global governance fairer and more equitable. It stands ready to work with countries worldwide to hold dear humanity’s shared values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom, in an effort to jointly meet all types of global challenges,” he says.


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