Castrol Magnatec SUV Engine Oil perfect for desert driving

The product ensures protection to car engine under stressful motoring conditions

uae, kt desert drive, castrol, off-roading, winter, adventures
uae, kt desert drive, castrol, off-roading, winter, adventures

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Published: Wed 9 Nov 2022, 8:41 PM

Last updated: Wed 9 Nov 2022, 8:42 PM

Castrol lubricants is the No. 1 International brand in UAE. Castrol success story in the market has revolved around excellent distribution and it has demonstrated strong consumer association with its product brands.

Castrol’s technology leadership and rich association with world’s best OEM’s brings peace of mind to all consumers towards choosing the right engine oil for their cars. Castrol lubricants partnership with Khaleej Times (KT) Desert Drive has created priceless memories since its inception in 2019. The event is organised by KT and has created a community of safe and skilled off-roaders.

In 2022, as market leaders in automotive lubricants, Castrol has collaborated with Khaleej Times yet again as the exclusive lubricant partner for the third edition of KT Desert Drive. Castrol’s near perfect product portfolio with rich car manufacturer’s endorsements has given the brand deep trust and reassurance to protect their vehicle assets. In its portfolio, Castrol has a bespoke premium engine oil called Castrol Magnatec SUV and this product ensures protection to your car engine under stressful driving conditions.

Unlike many cars, your SUV does everything, from short trips dropping your children in town, to long distance journeys carrying heavy luggage, even towing a trailer when needed - all of this across a variety of terrain. These different tasks all place different demands on your car engine. Short trips, no chance to warm-up fully, urban driving, stop-start wear (and) towing and heavy loads-high load, high temperatures, take a toll.

In the desert drive, when driving conditions gets difficult, it puts additional stress on the engine and when your car has a brand like Castrol Magnatec SUV engine oil, you have the best of the reassurance on using the right engine oil for your car. Castrol Magnatec’s intelligent molecules cling to the engine just like a magnet and provides an extra layer of protection. Castrol Magnatec SUV is proof against the rigours of modern driving and delivers dramatically better protection from warm-up and heavy-load wear.

Always use Castrol Magnatec SUV engine oil for your car as it provides Instant SUV protection from the moment you start!

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