Car crashes into electricity pole in UAE, catches fire

Car crashes into electricity pole in UAE, catches fire

Ras Al Khaimah - The driver lost control of the steering wheel and veered off the road.

A massive fire broke out in a white saloon car after the driver rammed into a power pole before the steel bridge on the Ras Al Khaimah Ring Road late on Thursday.

Informed sources with the RAK Civil Defence told Khaleej Times that no one was injured in the road crash.

"The driver, who was apparently driving at a high speed, lost control over the steering wheel, veered off the road, and collided with an electricity pole close to the bridge."

The central operations room of the RAK Police, alerted of the fire, dispatched traffic patrols, firefighters, paramedics and rescue teams to the site.

"Luckily, the driver escaped the crash with minor injuries before the car caught fire mainly due to the impact of the collision."

Firefighters cordoned off the site to prevent the flames from spreading to the nearby cars or the bridge, they said.

"Water and foam were used in putting out the blaze which totally destroyed the car."

More water was used to cool down the car and prevent it from catching fire again, they added.

"The paramedics present gave first aid to the driver, and he was fine."

The accident file was referred to the bodies concerned for investigation.

"Initial enactment showed that the flames first started in the engine, spread to other parts, and quickly engulfed the entire car."

All drivers need to strictly observe traffic rules and regulations, they advised.

"Regular maintenance service is also urged to control any possible fuel or oil leaks which are mostly the cause of such fires."

Earlier, almost the same place saw a tragic crash in which a speeding Emirati driver was killed after he rammed into the steel bridge.

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