Buckle up, the cops are watching: New awareness drive launched in UAE

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The cameras have also recently caught many drivers allowing children to sit in the front seats of their cars.

Sharjah - Many people don't realise that wearing the seat belt reduces injuries in case of an accident.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Wed 5 Feb 2020, 7:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 7 Feb 2020, 9:25 AM

You will be slapped a Dh400 fine and four black points if you fail to fasten seat belt while driving or let a kid sit in the front seat of your vehicle, the Sharjah and Fujairah Police have warned. The warning has been widely circulated by the police departments under a social media campaign to reduce accidents and raise road safety awareness.
A top Sharjah Police official said that during the last two years, the two traffic violations have reduced by almost 60 per cent. However, the patrols have noticed that many motorists are of late ignoring compliance of the seat belt rule. "The cameras have also recently caught many drivers allowing children to sit in the front seats of their cars." 
He said that the Sharjah Police are zeroing in on motorists who commit these violations. The police will also continue its awareness campaign called 'Hezamak Amanak' (Your Belt, Your Safety) to promote the use of seat belts across the emirate. The campaign will include distribution of brochures in several languages, reminding motorists to buckle up, and refrain from driving with children in the front seat of the vehicles.
He explained that many people don't realise that wearing the seat belt reduces injuries in case of an accident. "They don't understand that the law is meant to protect them and their children. "It has been noticed that parents who drop off and pick up their children from schools let them sit and stand in the front seat while driving. Some parents were seen carrying their children in their laps as they drove, ignoring the law and taking a brazen risk that could cause death of the innocent children.
"They don't seem to take heed to the fact that in case of accident or sudden braking, children could be thrown off onto the windshield."
He revealed that statistics during the last two years indicate that most of the serious accidents which resulted in severe injuries and deaths were caused due to failure to fasten the seat belt.
The top cop urged drivers to fasten their seat belts and ask all passengers to do so as well and "strap" children with belt under the age of 10 in the back seat.
Patrols to monitor violations
An official at the Fujairah Police said that the department is making huge efforts to reduce serious accidents.
The police have launched a crackdown on seat belt violators while spreading traffic safety awareness among the residents in the emirate. Most traffic accidents leading to death or injuries were to be blamed on seat belt violation, the official underlined. "The police would show zero tolerance towards parents who allow their children to sit in the front seat. Traffic patrols have been deployed in various parts of the emirate to monitor violations that affect people's safety and increase fatal accidents."
The Fujairah Police have issued tips about safety measures and procedures that must be followed by motorists on its social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
Importance of child seats
1- 80% reduction in death or serious injuries when kids or babies are buckled up in child seats
2-Studies have shown that the impact a child could experience in an unrestrained seat is equivalent to that of a fall from 10 metres.
3-Seats for babies are placed facing rearward so that a child will be pushed into the seat on front-impact.
Strict no-no
1-Don't drive without buckling up
2-Don't let kids under the age of 10 years (or less than 145cm) sit in the front seat
3-Some parents were seen keeping their kids on their laps while driving. This is dangerous
4-Don't let kids stand in a moving car under any circumstances.

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