Ajman increases taxi fare by Dh2.5

Ajman increases taxi fare by Dh2.5

Ajman - The hike will keep the fare at par with other emirates, and will help in solving income-related issues of drivers as well.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 3 Apr 2018, 4:06 PM

Last updated: Wed 4 Apr 2018, 10:53 AM

Next time you hop onto a taxi in Ajman, be prepared to pay Dh2.5 more as fare.
The Dh2.5 hike in taxi fare - that came into effect from April 1 - is aimed at upgrading the taxi service provided to the public, in line with Ajman's Vision 2021.
Speaking to Khaleej Times, a top official at Ajman Public Transportation Corporation (APTC) said the decision has been taken based on a number of field studies and surveys conducted by the corporation on a regular basis to meet the needs of the community. APTC will also make efforts to keep the fares at par with other emirates, he pointed out.
The official explained that Dh2.50 will be added to the taxi fare at the end of the journey. He added that the move will also help cope with the increased fuel price. Despite the increased taxi fare in Ajman, it will still remain the lowest as compared to the other emirates, he underlined.
"The negligible increase will have a positive impact on upgrading the service, in line with APTC's plans to improve the level of customer satisfaction, and also help the cabbies with their income."
The decision has come as a welcome relief for the taxi drivers in Ajman.
Mohammed Abrar, a cabbie, said that the decision would improve their income which was "very low compared to taxi drivers in the other emirates". He said that many drivers had decided to leave Ajman and work in other emirates due to their sagging economic condition.
Another taxi driver said that the only issue facing them is how to convince the customers about the hike after they close the meter and Dh2.50 is added to the fare. They might not believe us and get into an argument that could create a nasty situation, he pointed out. It will take at least six months for customers to get used to the new fare, which contributes to enhancing the performance of the services, the cab driver added.
Meanwhile, the move has evoked mixed reaction among Ajman residents, with some giving it a thumbs up, while others saying it is an "added burden".
Othman Munawar, a local, said that he commutes in a taxi from Al Humaidiya to his workplace in the City Center, which means he would have to pay Dh5 extra every day. "This decision would add more burden and it would affect my budget. I will try to look for another job that offers me transportation or allowance," he said.
Anil K, a doctor who works in a clinic on Khalifa Road, said he sometimes hires a cab to and from his office, and mostly gives the taxi driver Dh3 as tip for every trip. He added: "I don't think the Dh2.5 hike on fare is too much when compared to fares in other emirates."
Alawiya Satti, another resident, said the hike is huge and it should be only Dh1.50, instead of Dh2.50. The increased fare would affect budgets for many of us who use taxis as a means to commute within and outside the emirate.

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