UAE: AI is not yet capable of making emotive choices, reassures Netflix series producer

Hervé Dupont of Fortiche, producers of Arcane: League of Legends series, quells Humans vs AI debate at Sharjah Animation Conference

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Hervé Dupont. — Supplied photo
Hervé Dupont. — Supplied photo

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Published: Fri 5 May 2023, 6:46 PM

Last updated: Fri 5 May 2023, 9:01 PM

The buzzword nowadays is about AI (artificial intelligence) creating films or television series. An industry expert, however, is confident technology will not take over the creative processes from humans as AI is not yet capable of making emotive choices.

This was underscored by Hervé Dupont, managing director of Fortiche, producers of “Arcane: League of Legends” series, during his masterclass at the inaugural Sharjah Animation Conference held on the sidelines of the ongoing 14th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2023).

Dupont was asked if he was worried about how AI taking over creative processes, he replied: “I am not really concerned because I believe that Arcane cannot be reproduced with AI. And that’s because there are some people with sensitivity that choose where you put the camera, what story you want to tell, and what emotions you want to talk about. I am not sure AI can make these choices yet.

“You know movies are a reflection of the director’s and the scriptwriter’s vision. And if you don’t have the vision I am not sure if your end product will stand out. Maybe once AI develops that vision and true personality, then maybe yes but for the moment – no,” he added.

Dupont continued: “Developing the characters took a really long time because it involved several stages – from running them past designers to making sure that they had all the important elements. All this while developing the storyboard, script and finishing everything in CGI (computer-generated images).


Universal language of animation

Andrea Bozzetto.
Andrea Bozzetto.

In another session, Andrea Bozzetto, creative director of Studio Bozzetto that boasts a 1991 Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short Film, shared his insights about animation.

He said: “With animation you can do just about anything. We can go to planet Mars, let’s say, and create the imagery you want. The beauty of it all is that everybody understands this because animation speaks a universal language; it is for every culture, for everyone.

“Animation is a form of media like any other, but it also has an amazing ability to deliver a healing touch. If you look at some of Pixar’s animations, you will see how deeply touching they are, often evoking emotions that many classics can’t,” he added.

Forest spirits

Meanwhile, an entertaining action-musical titled Spirit of Forests is roaming the halls of the Expo Centre Sharjah, turning the visitors’ attention, particularly the young ones, to the important issues of environmental protection.

Wearing camouflage outfits with artificial leaves and accessories mirroring the colours of nature, the three-member entourage called Les Vagabondes combine amazing acrobatics and soulful music to bring ecological issued to life. The troupe is composed of stilt walker Gwendal Louyer and musicians Luisa Pietrobon (flute) and Guillaume Liegeois (drums).

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