Abu Dhabi residents warned about dangers of using illegal taxis

The penalty for drivers is a fine of Dh3,000


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Published: Mon 1 Aug 2022, 4:01 PM

Abu Dhabi Police have warned residents against using private cars that transport passengers illegally, stressing that they pose danger to their safe and security.

In a new campaign, the force also warned that it has intensified measures to crackdown on motorists who are illegally transporting residents in their privately owned vehicles.

Transporting passengers illegally in private vehicles is considered a non-civilized phenomenon, which has negative social, economic and security impacts, according to Abu Dhabi Police.

Authorities said some drivers operating their private cars as taxis do not hold licences issued by the UAE authorities and may even be staying in the country illegally.

"We urge people not to get into private vehicles operating as illegal taxis. Residents should use only the approved and licensed taxis that conform to international safety requirements and standards," said Major Talib Salem Al Kalbani, director of Transportation Security Investigations at the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department.

"We urge people to be cautious and to cooperate with authorities in combating illegal transport, in order to preserve the safety of all," he added.

Abu Dhabi Police in coordination with the Integrated Transport Center in Abu Dhabi have intensified inspection campaigns to crackdown on illegal taxis and to catch offenders.

The penalty for illegally transporting passengers is a fine of Dh3,000, loss of 24 traffic points and seizing the car for 30 days.

Police said illegally transporting passengers has serious effects on the "health and safety of society".

The officer pointed out that passengers are putting themselves at risk by getting into vehicles of unauthorised drivers.

According to authorities, should an accident take place, legal prosecution becomes difficult when the driver is unknown or unlicensed.

Police have asked drivers of private vehicles not to engage in passenger transport activity without permission from the competent authorities.

Police in Abu Dhabi have seized thousands of private cars after their owners were found transporting passengers illegally.

The motorists were caught mostly by undercover officers when picking up or dropping off commuters across Abu Dhabi.

Police investigations suggested that most of the cars involved in illegal taxi services are owned by individuals.



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