Abu Dhabi police warn against fake promotions via bank websites in UAE

Abu Dhabi police warn against fake promotions via bank websites in UAE

Abu Dhabi - Offering air miles, discounts, rewards and cash returns.

By Staff Report

Published: Mon 10 Dec 2018, 10:37 AM

Last updated: Tue 11 Dec 2018, 9:12 AM

Residents in the UAE have been advised to remain vigilant against falling prey to online scams, the latest of which include fake bank sites offering limited-time promotions.
Abu Dhabi Police have warned that such sites target people via email or on mobile phone, and they look very similar to the original bank websites.
The sites would request the victim's personal bank details and then proceed to redirect to scam sites.
Among the fake promotions given are those which claim to offer "rewards, air miles, merchandise and point-based cash returns", pre-paid credit cards, as well as other kinds of credit cards which claim to offer competitive discounts.
Col. Omran Ahmed Al Mazrouei, Director of Criminal Investigation and Investigation Department at the Criminal Security Sector, added that people should avoid disclosing their confidential bank statements, even to the bank itself or the party which issues credit cards.
Al Mazrouei warned residents of another type of scam, whereby the fraudster would call a bank, claiming to have lost a credit card.
The scammer would give all the personal information for verification of a stolen identity. Then the person would ask for a new card and change the given address, in this way gaining access to the victim's account.

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