Abu Dhabi: Dh250,000 compensation for worker hit by pump at workplace

The employer challenged the ruling to the appeals court, which upheld the verdict by the lower court

Image used for illustrative purpose
Image used for illustrative purpose

Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Mon 30 Jan 2023, 7:32 AM

Last updated: Mon 30 Jan 2023, 8:35 AM

An Abu Dhabi court has awarded Dh250,000 in compensation to a worker after he was severely injured when a heavy pump fell on him while on duty. The worker was repairing the pump when the incident took place and sustained multiple fractures to his spine and ribs.

Official court documents stated that the man filed a lawsuit against the company owner that employed him demanding Dh500,000 in compensation for the physical, moral and material damages he suffered as a result of the incident.

The plaintiff said he was on duty repairing a pump at the workshop owned by the defendant when the pump fell on him. In his lawsuit, the worker said he sustained multiple fractures to the spinal cord and the back ribs.

Investigations confirmed that the accident resulted from the company's negligence and lack of safety measures to protect the workers.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court had earlier convicted the company's owner for negligence and flouting safety measures. The company owner was fined Dh10,000 and ordered to pay Dh60,000 temporary compensation to the worker.

The worker then filed a civil lawsuit against the company owner, demanding compensation.

The man said the injuries affected him so badly that he can no longer stand to perform any task for a prolonged duration, yet he's the sole breadwinner for his family.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Court of First Instance had earlier instructed the owner of the company to pay Dh250,000 to the worker in compensation for the damages.

The employer challenged the ruling in the appeals court, which upheld the verdict by the lower court.

The company owner will also pay for the worker's legal expenses.


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