Abu Dhabi authorities resolve workers' financial disputes worth over Dh40 million

Police, Labour Court settle conflicts of 2,490 workers in the emirate


A Staff Reporter

Published: Thu 9 Dec 2021, 8:39 PM

Last updated: Thu 9 Dec 2021, 8:40 PM

Abu Dhabi Police and the Judicial Department have succeeded in resolving the financial disputes of 2,490 workers.

The Labourer’s Crisis Team of Abu Dhabi Police, in collaboration with the Judicial Department represented by the Abu Dhabi Labour Court, have succeeded in resolving collective workers dispute involving a group of companies in a record short period.

Brigadier Musallam Muhammad Al Ameri, Chairman of the Labour Crisis Committee in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Labour Court of the Judicial Department, praised the efforts exerted by the committee, which contributed to resolving the dispute in a short record time.


However, the committee has prepared the workers dues, compared them with their claims and delivered a total sum of over Dh40.8 million. These efforts have been exerted to ensure that these services would help to resolve conflicts.

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