Abu Dhabi: 17% of drivers flout school bus 'stop' sign rule

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(Abu Dhabi Police via Instagram)
(Abu Dhabi Police via Instagram)

Abu Dhabi - Their reckless behaviour endangers students’ lives


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Published: Sun 5 Sep 2021, 2:42 AM

Seventeen per cent of motorists in Abu Dhabi don’t stop when the school bus ‘stop’ signs have been displayed to drop off or pick up students, a new online survey has revealed.

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The recent opinion poll on social media about the dangerous behaviour committed by some drivers, which poses daily threat to the safety of pupils using school buses, was conducted by the Security Media Department at Abu Dhabi Police.

Brigadier Muhammad Ali Al Muhairi, director of the security media department, in the driving affairs sector, said ignoring the ‘stop’ signs on school buses by some drivers is a very reckless behaviour and puts the lives of students at risk.

“I urge motorists to adhere to the traffic rules related to school buses so as to protect the lives of students,” he said, adding that drivers caught violating the rules will not be tolerated.

Al Muhairi noted that police motorists are supposed to stop in both directions on a two-way road when the ‘stop’ sign has been displayed, at a distance of five metres away from the school bus.

Motorists who ignore the ‘stop’ signs on school buses are fined Dh1,000 and 10 black points are registered against their licences.

School bus drivers are also required to display the ‘stop’ signs on the buses while picking up or dropping off students.

The penalty for not displaying the ‘stop’ sign on a school bus is Dh500 and six black points.

Bus drivers were also reminded to stop at the designated and safe places, and give students the opportunity to board the bus and sit in their seats safely, ensure that they get off the school bus safely after reaching school.


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