Take on the IKEA “PLAY-VEMBER” challenge

Filed on November 26, 2019

IKEA hosts workshops on mindfulness and the importance of playtime between parents and children

On a mission to boost the positive effects of playtime and help parents be conscious of their daily time spent with children, IKEA launched the “PLAY-VEMBER” Challenge, starting with a masterclass led by mindful parent coach Joanne Jewell at its Festival City store on Sunday.

Amer Yaghi, regional marketing communications manager, IKEA, said: “On an average here in the region, we spend only half an hour with our kids every day, which is extremely low. The other challenge is that technology around us is affecting the concept of play and has many side effects. We know that children are spending an increasing amount of screen time – whether it is behind tablets, smartphones, watching videos on the internet, etc. — which causes a negative impact on memory, awareness and focus.”

The initiative is an attempt to encourage parents and children to get creative together using IKEA products and other simple household items that are easy to find around home. In a challenging 30-day campaign, families can get involved in the IKEA DIY tutorials that show that creativity has no boundaries.

“Playtime is not a luxury, but a necessity. We want to educate parents about the power of play, about mindfulness, about the positive effect it has on children’s well-being so that our future generations are healthy and mindful,” Yaghi added.

According to Jewell, parents often feel disconnected from their children because they spend more time doing things as a parent, rather than being present. A renewed sense of consciousness during the few hours spent with children could truly enhance their bond.

“Children learn best through play up until the age of seven. When a child plays, they are fully present; they are engrossed, focused, and really present with their play, and this is one of the natural ways they learn. Mindfulness as a parent can bring calm to oneself and pass its benefits on to young ones,” she added.

Get involved and win!

A competition will run alongside the “PLAY-VEMBER” Challenge to encourage fans and followers to try hacks at home. Simply tag @IKEAUAE and hashtag #playvember for a weekly chance to receive an IKEA gift card worth Dh200. At the end of the 30 days, a grand prize worth Dh1,000 will go to a lucky fan that has tried out all 30 hacks!

Follow IKEA’s “PLAY-VEMBER” Challenge on its official website ( and social media platforms @IKEAUAE


Amanda Dias, parent

I absolutely love IKEA's initiative #playvember. It encourages playtime, leaving gadgets out. We are living in a world that is growing digitally, demanding more work time due to which we are left will very little time to spend with our kids. IKEA’s masterclass shed light on how a child's most favourite toy in the world is "us". Quite often we expect them to entertain themselves when all they want is our physical and mental presence. A child's personality unfolds through play while memories are made. IKEA’s initiative has helped me, as a mum, to reflect and understand our children better. Simple playtime is indeed important for us as parents to connect, for our kids to grow into confident, self-discovered individuals".

Creativity knows no bounds: Gather the young ones and try out simple DIY tutorials from IKEA.

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