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Secure yourself against viruses with a safe sanitiser

Filed on April 2, 2020

Cosmo hand sanitisers feature 70 per cent IPA, which guarantees long-lasting protection against bacterial and viral contamination

The market may be saturated with a variety of brands offering hand sanitisers, in response to the spike in demands, but how familiar are you when it comes to choosing a product best for you? Premier Cosmetics, a brand that resonates 15 years of personal care, features an extensive range of Cosmo hand sanitisers in various forms; but what truly makes the brand shine is its exclusive formulation.
"Each Cosmo product can be compared to the best grade of sanitisers," said Rohit Yogendra, general manager of Premier Cosmetics. This means that the ingredients in Cosmo products are a pure and active component that guarantees effectiveness.
"All our sanitisers have 70 per cent of Isopropyl alcohol (IPA), instead of ethanol. This has been tested, lab-certified and acknowledged by Dubai Municipality," he said.
Adding to its features, the use of IPA ensures long-lasting protection against bacterial and viral contamination, bringing it on par with best-in-class products across the globe, as proven by verified data.
"Our grade of sanitisers contain IPA that is 99.99 per cent pure, which is proven to be more effective to combat bacterial and viral contamination," he added.
Higher levels of IPA do not guarantee an increase in the level of protection, Yogendra highlighted, hence it is essential for consumers to familiarise themselves with the brands in the market.
"The idea is to have an absolute balance of IPA. This is present in Cosmo hand sanitisers, which is why it lasts longer and protects effectively," said Yogendra.

FDA and DM-approved

Adding to brand value, Cosmo hand sanitisers boast an international retail and pharmacy presence in 45 countries across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. The products are as per FDA standards, which is internationally renowned for stringent guidelines and regulations, as well as the Dubai Municipality in the UAE.
"We have spent a lot of time in research, and invested in claims certifications, in order to be present in the international market. The results speak volumes about our products and high track record," said Yogendra.

Affordable protection for all

Looking at the growing demand for sanitisers, Yogendra said that the cost of IPA as an ingredient is "skyrocketing like gold". Despite challenges, Premier Cosmetics has retained its affordable price tag and is focused on ensuring every resident has access to its products.
"Our retail products have not changed in terms of pricing. Instead, we have absorbed the increase in cost, as we don't want this to affect our consumers. The social need and our responsibility right now is to have hand sanitisers available for all. We have ceased manufacturing other products and dedicated our full facility and capacity to this cause," he added.

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