8 things to avoid to prevent a house fire in UAE

8 things to avoid to prevent a house fire in UAE

Check your fire alarm to begin with.

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Published: Mon 7 Jan 2019, 2:57 PM

Last updated: Mon 7 Jan 2019, 7:26 PM

A notification asking residents to avoid storing anything inside their microwaves is doing the rounds in Dubai. The advisory further warned residents that putting on the microwave by accident in such a condition could lead to a fire.
Below are few things you can do to prevent fire from breaking out in your home:
1. Test your alarms
Make sure to check your alarms on a regular basis. If they aren't working, alert your building management company to fix it. 
2. Check your heating sources
Whether you use a hot plate cooker or induction or regular burner, do not skip checking the health of these appliances once in a while.
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3. Maintain your ACs 
The civil defence authorities have urged residents to maintain their air conditioners regularly and ensure they are in good condition. Excessive use of ACs was among the major causes of fires in home and other establishments in recent years.  
4. Turn off unnecessary electrical devices  
Do not forget to turn off electrical devices when not in use, nor should you leave them plugged in overnight - be it at home or in the office.
5. Be prepared 
Practice an emergency drill with your colleagues and family. This will help understand better time management when it comes to evacuation.
6. Update and upgrade
Always make sure the smoke detector, fire alarms and water sprinklers in your office and home are working. Replace the entire system every 10 years as age can wear it out leading to malfunction.
7. Adopt a fire safety cabinet 
In a hot country such as the UAE, the temperature plays a big role in affecting electronic devices. There are times when uncontrollable weather can either spark a fire or cause a natural disaster leading to document loss. Place important files in a fire- and water-proof cabinet, such that it may be recovered no matter the situation.
8. Cover up 
Cover exposed cables and wires with safety coating. If you notice a rip on a cable or wire, wrap it in a proper medium to avoid electrical accidents. Also, tie up cables to avoid tangles.
The Dubai Civil Defence has listed few precautions that residents must follow. Check them here.

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