7 tricks about Dubai shopping that salespersons won't tell you

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7 tricks about Dubai shopping that salespersons wont tell you

Watchout, shoppers! Don't fall for these sales tricks.

By Anita Iyer

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Published: Tue 20 Feb 2018, 4:31 PM

Last updated: Tue 20 Feb 2018, 8:40 PM

Dubai is a shopper's paradise. There is nothing you cannot buy at a bargain price in the emirate.
Malls in Dubai stock everything - right from gold, luxury brands, street fashion to designer labels.
If you are a resident of Dubai, it is difficult to miss the all-year-around sale that most stores have. But the sale sign is only one of the tricks the retailers resort to. Do you want to know the tricks stores and salesperson use to make you spend more? Read on.

Big baskets = More shopping 

Have you noticed some brands have salesperson positioned at the entrance to hand you a basket the moment you enter their shop? There is more to this friendly gesture than courtesy!
"Handing you a basket ensures that you will spend some extra time inside the shop instead of just browsing through. And when you are picking up clothes, we hand you bigger baskets as you might subconsciously want to fill it," says a sales lady at a high-end label.   


Clearance sales don't promise the best prices  

For some shoppers, clearance sales are irresistible. Signs like 'Clearance Sale' and 'Further Reductions' are reason enough for repeat shoppers to fill their bags. 
"We dramatically mention the original price and marked-down price to make the customers understand they are in for a deal. Many a time, they end up buying not for their need but because of the percentage difference between the original and sale price," says a sales guy at a shoe brand at Dubai Mall.   

Combo offers aren't really the best bargains   

If you have been buying more than your need, you can shift the blame on the retailers - in some cases, at least. "The trick of bundling combos works across categories. Be it fruits, clothes, socks, cosmetics, bags, health products or medicines, consumers fall for anything that has a 'Buy one, get one free', 'Buy two, get three' tag to it. It just lures you to buy more and you might actually end up spending more than you intended," says another salesperson.  

Loyalty cards help us track your buying habits   

Every time before billing, the lady at the cash counter would ask for a customer loyalty programme card.  
"We track the customer's shopping habits and know their frequency of shopping by merely entering their phone number in our system. Once the card is issued, it helps us retain the customers as they keep coming back when we broadcast about new offers," says a sales manager at a premium coffee outlet.  

Crowded sections pull more shoppers   

We are sure you are guilty of this one too! We have the tendency to step into a store or a particular section in a store if we spot too many people crowding the area.  
"Shoppers usually crowd the 'Clearance Sale' section in the store and we can see more customers crowd the same area due to curiosity. This is good for us as more people from the mall will walk in to see what's selling too, " says a saleswoman at a Dubai store. 

Time for some quick shopping   

"We make at least 10 per cent of our sales from the small items we place near the billing counter," reveals a sales lady. "Socks, lockets, discounted jewellery, candles, cosmetics et al are all hot picks among our buyers. One of our everyday tasks is to keep these sections well stocked."  

Signs to lead you in  

Like any business, retailers use the classic formula to over-sell their deals to you. "Up to 90 per cent discount in a store could have only one line of clothes and many more up for grabs for 50 per cent," says a salesman.  
Another trick retailers use on social media and displays is to create an urgency with words like 'Shop Now', 'Till stocks last', 'For limited time only and so on. 
Now that you are aware with tricks that retailers use to influence your psychology, be a conscious shopper and shop smarter. Enter malls with a budget and shopping list in mind to avoid indulging in overbuying.  
- anita@khaleejtimes.com

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