7 people you don't want to be in a Dubai cinema

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7 people you dont want to be in a Dubai cinema

Dubai - Meet the people 'improving' your cinematic experience

By Keith Pereña

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Published: Sun 7 Jan 2018, 3:54 PM

Last updated: Mon 8 Jan 2018, 9:37 AM

Here's the thing, people around the world love cinema. Dubai is no exception. From 4D tech to surround sound to IMAX, Dubai residents enjoy the idea of watching a film and watching it with quality. And since we're talking about Dubai and people, it's pretty obvious that the emirate is home to a huge number of expats with varying personalities. This diversity plays a role in your cinematic experience. So, without further ado, here are some people you might have seen in cinemas around Dubai.

The Merry Band

You'll know it's a merry band when you spot a group (oftentimes a bunch of teens). These type of cinema goers have one thing in common: less of film watching and more of gossiping in the cinema hall. We don't need to hear your locker room conversation. Oh and don't forget the selfies before the film starts! (Selfie sticks may or may not be included).

The Foodie

The foodie has two subtypes - those who brought food from their homes and those that bought them in the cinema. Prepare as they both munch their way through the 120-minute movie, accompanied by slurping of soda and the crunching sound of popcorn and nachos.

The Interviewer

'Why did the guy do that?' 'What's all explosions for?' 'Why are they angry at each other?'. Sure, they might whisper their questions but maybe they should pay more attention to the film rather than asking for the plot.

The Dreamer

No they're not going to give you an inspirational quote you can be motivated with. Instead, they'll use their film ticket to enjoy the comforts of an air-conditioned cinema with plush seating in order to take a sleep.

The Caller

These people are notorious for the way the sound of their phones ringing pierce through the dark halls of the cinema. It will ring incessantly before they take the hint and eventually pick it up. Oh, and pray that they don't pick up the call inside the cinema.

The Family Man (or Woman)

They'll bring their babies along to the cinema because watching a movie is a family affair. But here's the problem - the bawling babies will start shrieking at the right time, or should we say the wrong time, just at the start of a romantic scene or an explosive action bit.

The Spoiler

Beware from such type of moviegoers! They have watched the film before and probably come to spoil the fun for others it seems. Prepare yourself as they may reveal a hair-raising plot of the movie or divulge the climax! Don't be this guy.

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