5 days left to watch the spectacular UAE National Day show live

A time tunnel transforms into a magnificent work of art highlighting different sectors. Blue Depths transforms the tunnel into blue waters and features a parade of sea creatures in the country


A Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 5 Dec 2022, 8:12 PM

Last updated: Tue 6 Dec 2022, 12:08 AM

The breathtaking 51st National Day show is open to the public at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) until December 11th. The show features moving vignettes narrating the journeys of inspiring UAE individuals across generations through breathtaking performances, unique technologies, and exceptional storytelling inspired by the UAE's rich culture and present-day ambitions.

The show begins by setting the scene to take the audience on a journey through time. A tunnel of light with a portal on each end – signifying the past and the future – reveals itself; each portal is lit up by 51 lights, representing the years since the UAE's Union.

The time tunnel evolves and showcases 12 different segments. Audiences witness Emirati pioneers across various sectors who have contributed significantly to seven main sectors: marine sciences, environment, agriculture, space, transportation, solar energy and education.

The time tunnel transforms into a magnificent work of art highlighting each sector. Blue Depths transforms the tunnel into blue waters and features a parade of sea creatures in the UAE, including a whale shark, dugongs, green Sawfish, hammerhead sharks, green sea turtles, white-spotted eagle ray, golden trevally and spangled emperors, in celebration of the rich biodiversity of UAE aquatic life.

UAE residents can purchase public show tickets via the official UAE National Day website, www.UAENationalDay.ae.

Another exciting segment is the Rails of Unity, where audiences will see the portal featuring a moving train that transforms into an actual passenger train moving through the tunnel of the show. The 42 metres long Etihad train featured in the show is the first time that the real Etihad Rail passenger train has been seen in the UAE.

As for Land to Sky, the scene transports the audience to land as they watch Western Reef Herons and Crab Plovers fly overhead and see thousands of real mangrove saplings. The Sky to Space segment transforms the tunnel into the cosmos.


The audience will embark on a visual journey from the past to the present. Scenes that depict early life in the UAE, where people looked at the stars for navigation, are juxtaposed with the present and future of the UAE's space exploration. The show features replicas of Dubai Sat 1, Dubai Sat 2, Khalifa Sat, and a model of the Hope Probe.

The show also features a central installation that signals the realisation of the UAE's agricultural aspirations for the future. The Agricultural Future segment features more than 20,000 plants, including edible plants in the UAE.

Following those segments, audiences will enjoy watching a parade that features hundreds of children in a scene reminiscent of traditional National Day celebrations. The parade features the 51st UAE National Day song, "Darna". The show will conclude with more than 200 performers dancing Al-Ayyala, a traditional dance in the UAE that exemplifies the rich Emirati heritage and symbolises union and cohesion.

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