5 Dubai Metro rules we bet you didn't know

5 Dubai Metro rules we bet you didnt know

Dubai - What to bring, where to sit and more

By Keith Pereña

Published: Mon 7 Aug 2017, 11:24 AM

Last updated: Mon 7 Aug 2017, 10:35 PM

The Dubai Metro, everybody's favourite mode of public transport. Whether you live in Sharjah, or Ajman and of course in Dubai, it cannot be denied that the Metro has virtually connected the city and its neighbouring emirates. There are a lot of rules surrounding Dubai Metro and the Roads and Transport Authority has released a list of rules and regulations as well as the fines that each violation incurs.
Did you know however that some things are allowed inside the Metro? Here are some lesser known rules so you can take advantage of taking the train.

You CAN bring bicycles inside the train

Before you bring your full-sized road bike or mountain bike inside the train, HOLD IT. The Dubai Metro only allows foldable bikes inside the train and these bicycles have to go inside the appointed luggage areas inside the train. For added convenience you can also use the 'wider' exit gates inside every station so you can carry your bike outside with ease.

Sitting in the connection between two Metro carriages is not allowed

It also provides inconvenience to those who are walking between the two carriages. Standing in the connection is allowed but slumping to the floor will net you the eyes of fellow passengers and if it comes to it, the Metro officials.

You CANNOT stand inside the luggage area

For tens and thousands of times, the luggage area is not a breathing room where one can stand and hang back! Lots of travellers take the Dubai Metro and they need the luggage area so that their bags don't move around the train. Please don't be a hassle to fellow passengers and realise that you are not a literal baggage to even merit standing there.

You will face fines for being in the ladies carriage

The Dubai Metro imposes strict regulations as to the area that separates the common carriage and ladies' carriage. Men who are caught standing inside the ladies areas will have their card scanned and they of course face embarrassment from fellow passengers. It also does not matter if you are someone's husband, male friend, or partner. Younglings are an exception.

Cyclists can use the Metro to cross the road

For cyclists, it's always a struggle to find somewhere to cross the road. For added convenience the Dubai Metro allows any and all bicycles, to use the station as a pedestrian bridge to get from one side of the road to the other. Full-size bikes are not allowed to take the train however. There's point #1 for that.

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