38th SIBF: Cultural drive inspires expats to write books

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38th SIBF: Cultural drive inspires expats to write books

Sharjah - A Sharjah expat wrote a Malayalam book on the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Sun 10 Nov 2019, 9:37 PM

Last updated: Mon 11 Nov 2019, 8:49 AM

Sharjah's cultural movement has not only made the emirate a leading global destination - it has also inspired its residents. Two of them turned the inspiration into books, which they launched at this year's Sharjah Intenational Book Fair. 
Ammar Kizhuparamb, a Sharjah expat who lived in the UAE for over a decade, wrote a Malayalam book on the country's Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. 
In his book Sheikh Zayed: Pioneer of the Nation, Kizhuparamb expressed his respect for the great leader, on behalf of the entire Malayali community in the country. 
"I penned this 300-page book to spread the noble messages from the life of Sheikh Zayed among the Malayalam-speaking community in the UAE. It is estimated that there are three million Malayalis in this country. This book shall be useful especially for students," Kizhuparamb told Khaleej Times
He also dedicated chapters on how the UAE was formed and grew under the leadership of Sheikh Zayed. 
Kizhuparamb said he spent five years on research to develop all the content, managing to collect rare pictures that illustrated the life and achievements of the UAE's Founding Father.
"The country and its leaders wholeheartedly welcomed and provided shelter to millions of Indians. The Indian community in the UAE, especially Malayalis, is deeply indebted to Sheikh Zayed and the nation he built," he said.
Entertaining readers
Al Fatih Jabra, a satirical author and columnist from Sudan, is another Sharjah-based expat who was also inspired by the emirate's cultural movement. 
In fact, he has been participating in the Sharjah book fair for many years now. He wrote eight books in which he highlighted issues using sarcasm, allowing his readers to enjoy stories by reading between the lines. 
Jabra uses his literature to highlight the suffering endured by Sudanese people. 
In the books he signed at the book fair, Jabra tried to reflect the social changes in Sudanese society and the Arab world by using simple - but funny - literature.
Praising the SIBF, he said: "This event is a cultural demonstration focusing more on the readers, building bridges, and promoting Arabic art and literature."

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