2 get community service for reckless driving in UAE

2 get community service for reckless driving in UAE
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The person convicted of driving without license was ordered to fill fuel for three months


Published: Fri 23 Jun 2017, 8:34 AM

Last updated: Fri 23 Jun 2017, 11:43 AM

The public prosecution for community service-related measures has ordered community service for a person convicted of defamation and abuse to engage in planting of trees and maintenance of public parks for two months.
Another person was ordered to serve in filling fuel for three months after he was convicted of reckless driving, driving without a license, escaping from policemen, and purposefully committing an act that would endanger lives of others.
The public prosecution in Abu Dhabi clarified that Al Dhafra Criminal Court had convicted the accused in the first case for charges of defamation and abuse, and ruled the defendant would perform the community service for two months and pay fine. It convicted the defendant in the second case on the charges of reckless driving, driving without a license and endangering people's lives, for which he was asked to perform the community service for three months and pay a fine.
4 Emiratis get community service for breaking traffic laws
The public prosecution said it was receiving periodic reports from the authorities about the community service being performed by those convicted, their behaviour, and the extent of their discipline and commitment in performing the community service. In case these reports showed they were not committed to performing the service in a disciplined manner, the prosecution would request the court to replace the community service measures with a jail sentence for the same period, or to complete the remaining period.
It noted that the kind of service the convicts were obliged to perform was according to the charges they were convicted of, and their educational and professional levels. It aimed to contain the convicts, improve their behaviour and refine their motives, and psychological and intellectual attitudes away from prisons, taking into account their interest, reputation, and personal and professional future.

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