UAE issues flag guidelines for November 2 celebrations

UAE issues flag guidelines for November 2 celebrations

Dubai - "ESMA" carries out awareness campaign about the UAE's flag standards

By Staff Report

Published: Sun 29 Oct 2017, 8:16 PM

The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) has launched a public awareness campaign in accordance with the standard of the UAE flag, in conjunction with the preparations for the celebration of the UAE's Flag Day on November 2.
The campaign launched by ESMA's social media platforms aims to raise the awareness of the public and private institutions and individuals, who wish to use the UAE flag on their facilities or public and private buildings.
The UAE cabinet has approved the mandatory standard that bears the UAE.S 1971 on UAE flag (the flag of the Union), where the standard number 1971 refers to the year of the Union, a standard issued by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology "ESMA" in an effort to standardize the necessary technical requirements For the state's knowledge of all the entities that lift it to its facilities and buildings.
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Engineer Khalaf Khalaf, Director of Standards Department at ESMA, confirmed that the authority are coordinated with the local authorities concerned with inspection in each Emirate to implement this standard issued by the UAE cabinet to ensure the unification of the general image of the country's flag across different generations and ages.

The UAE standard flag produced locally or imported from abroad should be subjected to the methods of testing of the textile structure, measurements of lengths and dimensions, and consistency of the color of textiles when exposed to water, light or heat, he added.
The UAE standard specifies the requirements of the UAE flag, a mandatory list, which includes specific color grades used in the four colors that make up the flag, approved main measurements, textiles used in manufacturing, and respect for weather, temperature and humidity, Khalaf explained.
The standards include the quality of the textiles used and their observance of climatic conditions in any country where the flag of the UAE is raised, such as diplomatic and consular buildings, enterprises, companies and others, according to Eng. Khalaf. 

For temporary facilities, such as celebrations or festivals, ordinary nylon is used, "noting that the minimum weight of science made of polyester material should not be less than 155 grams per meter square, and made of nylon, the weight should not be less than 122.5 grams per square meter.

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