Dubai ranks as world's 7th safest destination for family vacation

Travel guide examines a range of variables such as overall safety and family-friendly accommodation


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Published: Tue 7 Jun 2022, 9:22 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Jun 2022, 10:49 PM

Dubai ranks seventh in the world’s safest family-friendly vacation destinations list, according to a report released by the Family Vacation Guide on Tuesday.

The travel guide has examined a range of variables such as overall safety, family-friendly accommodation as it selected the world’s top 10 safest destinations for family-friendly vacation.

According to the research, Dubai scored a family safety rating of 6.76/10.

The emirate has over 23 per cent of family friendly hotels, over 18 per cent of child friendly restaurants and over 30 per cent of child friendly activities and attractions the best vacation destinations for family-friendly accommodation are Orlando, United States with 58.93 per cent of family-friendly hotels, followed by Las Vegas, NV, United States, with 28.73 per cent of Family-friendly Hotels and Rome, Italy with 28.34 per cent of family-friendly Hotels.

The best vacation destinations for family-friendly dining out are Florence, Italy with 48.36 per cent of family-friendly restaurants, followed by Venice, Italy with 44.94 per cent of family-friendly restaurants and Rome, Italy with 40.7 per cent of family-friendly restaurants.

The best vacation destinations for family-friendly activities are Pattaya, Thailand with 35.5 per cent of family-friendly activities, followed by Heraklion, Greece with 34.01 per cent of family-friendly activities and Orlando with 33.93 per cent of family-friendly activities.

In April this year, Dubai was named the world's number one destination for family holidays in a survey by travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip. The data encompassed the quality of family hotels, attractions and beaches, general safety and even the strength of the ocean currents, and Dubai was given a rating of 7.42 out of 10, followed by Colombo, Turks & Caicos, Barbados and Corfu, Greece.

Five tips to stay safe when travelling abroad.

  • Travellers have to do research on the country’s cultures, norms, traditions and languages before travelling. “This will not only help them find their way around but they will also learn about currencies, local conventions and traditions and get a sense of the culture."
  • Take only the bare minimum when venturing out. “Credit card, phone and a copy of passport are all one needs. Don’t carry lots of cash and keep an eye on your belongings.”
  • Booking ahead will make a traveller’s life easier as he/she will be able to plan his route for the transport hub to the accommodation easily. Being aware of the route will prevent him from ending up getting lost.
  • “Address and number of the accommodation, own contact number, anything that can trace back to you must be put in a safe in a zip pocket on each of your kid’s clothing.”
  • Arrange a meeting point as it is easy to get lost in a crowded area. Also ensure that kids know what to do if they can’t find their guardians (e.g. find a policeman, another family with kids, a staff member), said the guide.


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