Dubai Museum of the Future: Meet the 'Iron Man' flying around the city to deliver opening invites

The man flying across Dubai in today's video is credited with pioneering the world’s first patented jet suit.


Nandini Sircar

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Published: Mon 21 Feb 2022, 2:48 PM

Last updated: Mon 21 Feb 2022, 2:50 PM

Making science fiction into a reality is Englishman Richard Browning of Gravity Industries who is recently seen in a Twitter video, delivering invites for the opening of the Dubai’s Museum of the Future on Monday.

The man in the jetpack known as the ‘real life Iron Man’, flying across Dubai is credited with pioneering the world’s first patented jet suit.

The chief test pilot and founder of Gravity Industries, his power-packed jet suits allow individuals to enjoy a human flight experience that uses physics and cutting-edge technology.

The personal flying machine is apparently powered by five gas turbines and can reach altitudes of up to 12,000 feet.

Prior to inventing the ‘gravity-defying jet suite’, Browning was a Royal Marines reservist for six years.

Also, a former oil trader Browning started to test the nascent versions of the jet suit’s engine in 2016.

He launched the Gravity Industries in 2017 together with WIRED magazine and Red Bull after receiving initial investment.

Following a steep learning curve that entails burns, several bumps, and bruises but luckily no grave accidents, Browning has time and again reiterated that constant developmental tweaks reduce the risks.

Since then, his innovation has attracted many high-profile individuals that include people like the British billionaire entrepreneur and business magnate Richard Branson, Tim Draper, an early investor in Tesla and Skype, and Adam Draper who is the founder of Boost VC.

Browning is also the author of the book, Taking on Gravity: A Guide to Inventing the Impossible from the Man Who Learned to Fly.

He is passionate about shedding light on STEM subjects and inspiring young people who are pursuing future engineering careers and are interested in aviation.


Public demonstrations of the invention reportedly include over 100 flight events across 33 countries.

TIME magazine has featured Browning’s jet suit as amongst the best inventions of 2018 while Gravity Industries has been recognized in 2019 by the Guinness World Record for the fastest flight in a body-controlled jet suit at 135kmph.

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