Dubai Destinations makes it easy to find hidden gems, unique experiences, fascinating tourist spots

Emirate connecting with content creators to promote this year's theme of 'the land', 'the sky' and 'the water'


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Published: Sun 11 Dec 2022, 4:41 PM

Last updated: Sun 11 Dec 2022, 7:30 PM

The #DubaiDestinations winter campaign returns this season to showcase the attractions and experiences that make the emirate a top pick among global destinations in the cooler months of the year.

The collaborative campaign, implemented by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), features engaging content from diverse stakeholders. The campaign is held under the directives of Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Media Council.

To mark the launch of the campaign, Brand Dubai hosted an event for the media, influencers and content creators at the Government of Dubai Media Office to showcase the activations and experiences the latest campaign will be highlighting to local and global audiences. Brand Dubai also announced the launch of the #DubaiDestinations website, which will share content, videos and guides related to the campaign.

Mona Al Marri, Vice-Chairperson and Managing Director of the Dubai Media Council and Director General of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), said: “The #DubaiDestinations campaign once again brings together government entities, industry stakeholders, the creative community and media to offer a new window into Dubai’s exciting winter destination experiences.

The campaign is a celebration of the places, activities and attractions that provide memorable experiences in the season. The initiative will showcase the covetable culture, fascinating food, pristine beaches, stunning mountain landscapes, unique modern lifestyle, exciting adventures, centuries-old heritage and futuristic cityscapes that Dubai offers.”

Mona Al Marri,
Mona Al Marri,

“The campaign will weave together compelling narratives from diverse sources about what makes Dubai a truly unique place to visit and explore. Content creators of all nationalities can participate in the campaign by contributing their unique stories and creative content about Dubai’s attractiveness as a winter destination. The campaign aims to convey Dubai’s distinctive character that combines its modern spirit and cosmopolitan ethos with its rich history and heritage,” she said.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, she added: We are doing this to connect with content creators. They need the support, and they need to have access to events and venues. Brand Dubai’s main objective is to support creativity and to bring the creative industry together.”

She emphasised that Dubai is a city that is growing every day with many new activities and that this needs a creative eye to share it with the public. Speaking about the theme of Dubai Destinations which focuses on ‘The Land’, ‘The Sky’ and ‘The Water’, Al Marri said that the concept is to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors and to learn about all the activities that they can be part of.

“We want people to not only spend time indoors but to also enjoy the outdoors. We’re trying to emphasize this lifestyle in Dubai. People sometimes don’t know about activities happening outside,” she said.

This year, Destinations Dubai will see more collaborations with the private sector, she said, adding “They saw the value of last year’s campaign and so they wanted to do more collaborations in terms of facilities and events.”

She said that when the idea of Dubai Destinations came up last year, people questioned why it was needed, after all, many websites were already talking about the city, but she had a different perspective. “This is for the talented people who can convey the message differently to the world. It’s not us promoting Dubai, they can talk about the city as a beautiful destination in their own way,” she said.

The current season of the #DubaiDestinations campaign, running until February 2023, invites the local and global community to savour Dubai’s diverse winter attractions across land, sky and water. The elements of ‘Land, Sky and Water’ form the basic theme of the collaborative campaign whose ultimate objective is to enhance Dubai’s appeal as a destination of choice that offers enriching experiences and adventures.

The Hatta region will be a key focus of the campaign. The region’s picturesque mountain scenery, archaeological sites and other tourist attractions such as the Hatta Fort, the Hatta Dam, the Hatta Heritage Village and the Hatta Hill Park will be prominently featured in the campaign. The campaign will also put the spotlight on the exceptional recreational facilities, luxury resorts and diverse adventure activities, such as camping, cycling, hiking and swimming. The Hatta Mountain Conservation Reserve, which is home to many rare birds and animals, will also be highlighted in the #DubaiDestinations campaign.

During the event, which was attended by media and content creators, Shaima Al Suwaidi, Director of Brand Dubai, said: “The collaborative storytelling campaign will share compelling content on Dubai’s winter destinations and events through guides, creative videos, and social media as part of Brand Dubai’s objective to enhance Dubai’s profile as a must-visit destination.”


As part of the winter campaign, Al Suwaidi said that Brand Dubai will continue to launch a series of guides to raise the visibility of the emirate’s various winter attractions. The guides will cover must-try winter activities, outdoor sports activities, camping journeys, winter pop-ups, outdoor dining options and other attractions.

She told Khaleej Times that previous campaigns have seen a lot of social media engagement. “People were happy to take part. We also encouraged others to take part in this campaign. We discovered some destinations and activities through the hashtag,” she said adding that their goal is to promote the hidden gems, the unique experiences and the fascinating destinations in Dubai.

She said that they are currently collaborating with more than 150 content creators to showcase Dubai as the best city to live in. “Content creators are already doing a lot of coverage for Dubai. So, we thought why not have them under the umbrella of the GDMO and give them the support and facilities that they require,” she said.

The website of Dubai Destinations was also launched on Sunday during the event. It includes the content created by Brand Dubai, the guides to Dubai and also the content creators’ related content. “This will certainly help boost your accounts and give you more exposure,” she told them.

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