University Bridge closure from today

SHARJAH - The Sharjah Directorate of Public Works has announced the temporary closure of the University Bridge in Al Maleeha area from today for maintenance work. The bridge will be closed for four months.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Thu 22 Mar 2012, 4:21 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 2:31 PM

The temporary road closure comes as part of the department’s objectives to improving road infrastructure and to conduct regular maintenance on roads. The maintenance will be divided into two phases. The first phase will feature evaluating the status of the affected areas of the bridge and based on the evaluation, the best possible solution will be adopted.

The department, in cooperation with the Sharjah Police, has placed signboards to direct motorists to the alternative routes that should be used during the closure period.

Motorists coming from the Sharjah Industrial Area 5 should use the Land of Institutes Bridge to reach the University City. Motorists heading to the by-pass road should use the rear gates of the University City and use the road located between Al Nouf and Gareina areas till they reach the bridge of the Land of Institutes and from there, can reach the by-pass road.

The department has urged motorists to strictly abide by the signboards that will help them to know the alternative routes they should use. Any motorists wishing to suggest or comment about the bridge closure can call the hotline number of the department, 80086767.

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