UAE: Some public schools set new bus rules; wait time during morning pick-up introduced

Authorities to take necessary measures if students, parents fail to comply with the regulations

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Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Tue 6 Sep 2022, 6:04 PM

Last updated: Wed 7 Sep 2022, 4:05 PM

The UAE Public school administrations have developed rules and regulations for school buses and circulated them to students and their families. In the new academic year (2022-2023), a one-minute wait period for the bus driver in front of a student's house has been introduced.

The circular, sent out by some schools, also stated that parents should place school bags in front of the house to notify the driver and the supervisor if the student would attend school.

Institutions have called on parents to cooperate with the administration and transportation company to ensure that students follow the rules related to bus security and safety. Children should always wear seatbelts, not walk when the bus is in motion, or stand on the seats. Students should refrain from shouting and making annoying noises, maintain the cleanliness of the bus and its furniture, not tamper with the contents, and respect the bus driver.

The bus rules also prevent pupils from talking to the driver, and they must not take their hands or heads out of the bus's windows. If a student damages or vandalises the bus, they will be prevented from using it for a period of one to three days, and the guardian will be held responsible for the damages.

School administrators stressed that families must ensure that someone will receive the child, especially those in cycle-1 when the bus drops them home after school hours. In case a parent picks up the child from school, the bus or supervisor must be informed.

The rules also prohibit the guardian from entering the school bus for any reason, and in case they want to raise a complaint against the driver or supervisor, they must contact the school administration.

The circular clarified that the administration and the transportation firm would take necessary measures according to the code of conduct for non-compliance with the rules.


School administrations said they were adhering to measures issued by the Emirates Schools Establishment to school transport service providers and their workers for the safe return of pupils for physical learning for the new academic year. These include; coordination with service providers and adherence to the absorptive capacity approved by the authorities concerned with school transport, and emphasising the importance of preparing and registering lists of names and contact details of students for each bus or trip.

The guide has stressed the importance of students sitting in the seats assigned to them and maintaining physical distance, adhering to the system, and positive behaviours followed in school buses.

The Emirates Schools Establishment obligated the school bus supervisors or the student leader in-charge of each bus to write the names of those absent or those who were not allowed to board due to their high temperature, and to ensure that the school administration and their parents are informed. They also need to inform the school administration of violations and non-compliance with the system and positive behaviours.

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