Sharjah to crack down on sale of fake parking cards

Sharjah to crack down on  sale of fake parking cards

Illegal workers have been hawking counterfeit pre-paid parking cards in Sharjah, with annoyed residents urging authorities to crack down on such activity.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Thu 6 Dec 2012, 9:38 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 2:30 PM

Despite intensified efforts taken by the Sharjah Municipality to curb the illegal activity, a large number of illegal workers are found selling cards they claim have been issued by the municipality, when many have not been.

Khaleej TimesResidents say the practice is widespread, with men stationed near public parking asking anyone who tries to park his car to buy the card at a lesser price.

A top Sharjah Police official said the police have, in coordination with municipality inspectors, launched a crackdown on illegals standing in parking lots to sell parking cards.

“The practice causes inconvenience to the public and annoys the users of municipality’s paid parking areas,” he said.

Sultan Al Mualla, Director-General of the municipality, said the municipality is aware of various kinds of illegal activities and is making great efforts in coordination with departments concerned to end illegal practices.

Intensified inspections are currently being carried out in various parts of the emirate to bust these illegal workers. Genuine prepaid parking cards are available in all municipality branches in the emirate and some authorised groceries and supermarkets.

The municipality recently arrested many of them found working in companies in the morning and undertaking such illegal activities in the evening. The municipality and the immigration summoned their sponsors to sign a written undertaking that they would not allow their workers to carry out such activities after working hours. The illegal workers who were arrested were sent to the detention centre in coordination with the police and the Department of Residency and Immigration. The inspection campaign targeting illegal activities would continue, Al Mualla said.

During interrogation, the men said they bought the cards from petrol stations to benefit from the little profit they make out of it, Al Mualla added.

He urged the public to cooperate by calling 993. “The municipality charges Dh30, Dh50 and Dh100 for these cards,” he said.

One of the fake card sellers, who identified himself as Mohmmed Rafeeq, said he waits in front in Al Zahra Hospital outside the parking lot and makes a profit of Dh50 daily. He said he gets the cards from a grocery and the shop keeper also makes a little profit.

Shihab Lul who stands near Ramiz Hypermarket on Al Wahda street said many drivers find it difficult to walk till the parking machines and he makes it easier for them by offering the card to them. He said his cards are genuine and that he can easily identify the municipality inspectors and avoid them.

Abudllah Al Khateeb a motorist said he works at Al Zahra Hospital and everyday he encounters these card sellers who annoy him by insisting to buy their cards.

Liela Al Shamsi another motorist urged authorities to ban these workers. “Most of the time they scare me as they often approach me from behind.”

Nuha Akasha, said these workers come out with new ideas every day. First they were selling Etisalat cards and now are selling prepaid parking cards. “But honestly sometimes I find their service very helpful,” she said.

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