Motorist charged with killing boy deliberately

Motorist charged with killing boy deliberately

A motorist who allegedly chased mischievous children for throwing rubbish on his car and caused a 12-year-old boy’s death in Shabiat Al Mussafah district of Abu Dhabi has been referred to the court.

By Staff Report

Published: Mon 15 Oct 2012, 9:37 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 2:32 PM

The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has charged the Asian motorist with premeditated murder as his car allegedly mowed down the boy and endangering the lives of others. He has been remanded in police custody awaiting trial.

During interrogation by the prosecution, three other boys who were among the group of children allegedly chased by the defendant, said the defendant was sitting in his car when they threw rubbish on his car to tease him. The victim was standing far away and did not take part in the prank but ran with them when the defendant stepped down from his car and chased them on foot at first.

Minutes later, they regrouped in a nearby sandy area. When the defendant saw them, he drove towards them at a speed they estimated to be between 70 and 80kmph.

While everyone ran, the victim was the last to follow and the defendant in his chasing car caught up with him and deliberately knocked him down, before speeding away leaving behind the injured boy on the ground, the boys said.

In his statement, the defendant told the prosecution that the children harassed him and he first chased them on foot but could not get hold of anyone. A quarter of an hour later, he saw them playing in a nearby sandy area. He drove towards them at a speed of 40kmph and his car hit the boy.

He said he stopped the car but heard the crowd that gathered on the spot saying the boy was dead.

“The death was caused by a severe injury on the head that resulted in a fracture and brain hemorrhage,” said a forensic medicine report.

Police examination of the spot showed that the run-over was deliberate and that the defendant had intentionally took his car to the sandy area, which was not designated for vehicles, to chase the boys.

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