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Mazda is working on Hybrid Cars

Mazda is working on Hybrid Cars
Axel Dreyer, General Manager of Galadari Automobiles. - KT photo by Dhes Handumon

Mazda's quality, durability and security features are outstanding Mazda's quality, durability and security features are outstanding


Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Sun 14 Oct 2018, 12:36 PM

Last updated: Sun 14 Oct 2018, 2:46 PM

Galadari Automobiles and Mazda go from strength to strength, as they not only retain the market share but also make new strides by virtue of their indispensability. Axel Dreyer, General Manager of Galadari Automobiles, says that innovation, teamwork and state-of-the-art engineering and service standards have retained Mazda at the top.
Excerpts of an interview with Axel Dreyer, General Manager of Galadari Automobiles:
How has Galadari Automobiles Ltd furthered the growth and brand name of Mazda?
Galadari with its long-term principal, Mazda, is following an aggressive growth policy. The objective is to achieve a higher market share. Against the market trend, Galadari has been able to increase the Mazda market share for the last two years with the support of new model launches such as CX5 and CX9.
What market potential do you foresee for Mazda, and what are your future plans?
Mazda has a great potential to further grow in the UAE, and beyond. Many exciting models are coming out in the next two to three years that will attract potential buyers in key segments. Mazda is very well-known for its premium Japanese products that ensure outstanding quality, ease of ownership, attractive design and good residual value.
In yesteryears, you launched a programme that was specific to customer care (including insurance and auxiliary services), tell us about it and what was the response of your awareness campaign?
Very important for us is the Brand Value Management as today's customers are keen on buying a product that represents excellent value for money. Therefore, this programme is ongoing, and we have even expanded the free service period for CX9 up to 100,000 km. Moreover, all of our cars are coming with a Ziebart premium window tint, which is a necessity here in the UAE. We are pleased to say that customers greatly value the new features of Mazda cars, and the inclusive package, they are getting.
What new technological input does Mazda have for its 2019 offers?
Mazda is very well-known for technical innovations. The best example is the new SkyactiveX engine, which combines the benefits of a normal gasoline and diesel engine. The technology behind is quite revolutionary as it provides less fuel consumption and emissions, and with no compromise on power or torque.  We are looking forward to having this engine by the end of 2019 in our cars. At the same time, Mazda is working on Mild-Hybrid cars, and Hybrid cars that represent the future until the infrastructure for recharging stations is fully established.
How will you rate the confidence of customers in Mazda, and what statistics do you have as far as sales are concerned?
Loyalty can only be increased if on all touch points, through a car ownership circle, the customer expectations has been matched or exceeded. Therefore, Galadari has spent a significant amount of money on its service network. For example, our SZR service centre and our Al Quoz Bodyshop centre are the state-of-the-art facility with all amenities and well-trained staff to provide best customer service and satisfaction. We are having one of the highest service retention that proves our strategy is working.
Tell us about Galadari Automobiles' collaboration with other auto-related firms?
Galadari Automotive Group is a first-class service provider for car-related services. Under our Group, besides the Mazda business, we are operating Galadari Rent A Car, Distributors for Ziebart - the world number one in car care products, Distributors for Nexa/PPG Autocolor - one of the world's renowned automotive paints and Veedol, a lubricant manufacturer with a great heritage. 
What would you consider to be your cutting-edge feature while dealing with competitors in this market?
Premium Japanese brand with stunning design and innovative technology for an affordable price. There are Japanese brands, and there is Mazda - you will immediately feel the difference when you are test-driving it. The connection between the driver and the car is unique, combined with safety and comfort features will give a "fun to drive" feeling combined with a low interior noise level for your comfort. All of our top-end models are fitted with a Head-Up display where you can focus on the road but at the same time having all relevant information, such as speed, in your view.
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